EDIUS 3D Build 006 ist verfügbar (lauffähig bis 15. April 2012)

  • EDIUS 3D

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  • EDIUS 3D Build 006 ist verfügbar (lauffähig bis 15. April 2012)

    Großartige Neurerungen finden sich in der neuen EDIUS 3D Version Build 006:

    Besonders wichtige Sachen habe ich mal rot hervorgehoben! :D
    Revision 2012-02-29
    • Known issues

      • Offline clip handling will not work
        properly. When incorrect offline status is indicated on
        footage, please reload the project. It will be available again
        in future release.
      • Quick Titler clipis not updated properly after
        editing. Please reload the project to update it. It will be
        available again in future release.

    • What's new
      • Overall
        • Project loading time is reduced.
          • You have to save the project with this version or
            later EDIUS in order to enable it.

      • Alpha support
        • Time line sequence clip can output alpha channel.
        • Alpha channel rendering is available.

      • Source browser
        • Destination path is available on Source browser system
          • XDCAM/XDCAM EX/P2/XF/GF/Infinity footage are
            transferred into the specified folder.
          • You can browse the folder by Source browser.

        • XDCAM Station
          • XDCAM Station v1.2: FTP DISC, MEMORY folder

      • Playback engine
        • Ancillary data/audio bit-stream pass-through are

      • File based pre-roll editing
        • You can use open-ended simul captureing file as pre-roll
        • Gang function is available.

      • Ingest
        • After stereoscopic ingest, the clip is registered into the
          bin as a stereoscopic clip.
        • Ancillary data ingest is available on Storm 3G/3G Elite.

      • Layouter
        • Dropped shadow function is available.

      • Loudness meter
        • GUI updated

      • P2
        • Ancillary pass-through is available (without DVCPROHD

      • AVCHD
        • Metadata transfer is available.

      • Disc Burner
        • Blu-ray: MPEG2 is available.
        • DVD: Writing process is improved.

      • Quicktime
        • 10bit support with DNxHD and ProRes.
        • Decoding process is improved.

      • Palette windows
        • Effect palette shows 10bit and alpha channel support
          status for each effects.

      • Version information dialog
        • Added license information

      • Stereoscopic clip pairing dialog
        • Auto pairing is available. Using the file name of one
          side, it will find a likely file for another side.

      • Storm 3G/3G Elite
        • 16ch audio I/O is available.
        • Audio bitstream I/O is available.
          • Dolby-E and AC3 are supported.

    • Fixed
      • ISSUE: Rendering function creates only left side video in
        stereoscopic editing mode.
      • ISSUE: Screen shot (Ctrl+T) function creates only left eye
        image in stereoscopic editing mode.
      • ISSUE: Storm3G: Existing output profiles for Storm3G are not
      • ISSUE: Storm3G: After exporting to tape, the recorder is not
        cueing back to TC preset position.
      • ISSUE: Storm3G: Cannot capture 3G-SDI 720p/1080p24
        stereoscopic signal.
      • ISSUE: Storm3G: In stereoscopic capture, preview is no gray
        when no input.
      • ISSUE: Storm3G: In 720p 3D output, noise on bottom line of R

    • Others
      • Inscriber importer is not supported any longer.
      • Proxy only ingest flag is not available in device preset any
      • EDIUS JC1p is not supported any longer.

    Achtung! Inscriber Files werden nicht mehr unterstützt!